Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Jersey Advocates Announces New State Access Initiative

National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
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For Release:
February 3, 2007

NAMA's New Jersey Chapter Announces
New State Access Initiative

New Jersey Advocates NAMA's official chapter for the state of New Jersey announces a new state access initiative. The New Jersey Access Initiative (NJAI) is a program of the Division of Addiction Services and administered by the Center for Family Services, Inc..

The program was created to "enhance" traditional substance abuse treatment to New Jersey residents addicted to opiates. NJAI provides funding for assessments, inpatient detoxification, opiate drug treatment utilizing a modality of medicated assisted treatment (i.e. methadone and buprenorphine), drug-free treatment and Recovery Mentoring services.

Eligible MAT patients actively engaged in treatment will be given a choice of a Certified Recovery Mentor who will enhance their care during treatment and facilitate their transition from treatment to long-term recovery and a successful life in the community. The Recovery Mentor Associates will assist with brokering necessary services and removing the common barriers to recovery.

This program is presently accepting all eligible applicants who is suffering from an addiction to opiates. At the present anyone who is attempting to get onto a methadone program but is having difficulty due to a lack of funding or anyone who is presently on a methadone program but is in the process of loosing their status as a patient due to not having the funds to continue would most likely be eligible for a voucher to pay for treatment. This voucher would give them access to treatment in a methadone treatment facility for 6 mos and any needed covered services along with a Recovery Mentor.

Anyone interested in this program can contact the New Jersey Addiction Hotline at 1-800-238-2333, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and ask to be placed on the access initiative program.

Not all New Jersey MTPs have asked to be part of the program however, as NJAI expands more will become providers for this initiative. There are several drug-free providers throughout the state. You will receive a list of all eligible providers once you receive your voucher number over the phone. You can then take your number to one of the approved providers to receive your assessment which starts the treatment process.

Anyone needing assistance can contact Claude Hopkins at the phone number or email below.

Phone: (732) 678-5172