Tuesday, April 18, 2006

European Association of Addiction Therapy (Conference)


April 18, 2006

European Association of Addiction Therapy

Second Annual Conference

6 – 8 July 2006
London, UK

We are very proud to announce the 2nd Annual EAAT conference, chaired by Professor Michael Gossop.

The meeting is taking place at the historic Central Hall Westminster, which is located opposite to the Houses of Parliament.

Call for Speakers, Posters, Registrations and Sponsorship

The conference topics and streams are as follows:

Stream 1: Genetics, Aetiology, Epidemiology, Neuroimaging and Underlying Neuronal Mechanisms

Potential Topics:
fMRI Scanning and Gambling Tasks
Neuroimaging of Drug Dependence
Pathways and Neurotransmitters
Relating Neurotransmitter Activation to Behaviour
Interactions between Genes and the Environment
Neurobiology of Addiction – what have we learnt?
Using Molecular Genetics to Understand Addiction

Stream 2: Treating the Clinical Consequences 1: Alcoholism

Potential Topics:
Best practice in Treating Alcoholism in the community
Treatment options for Alcoholism in the private institution
Optimising Drug Treatments for Alcoholism – how to achieve results

Stream 3: Treating the Clinical Consequences 2: Drug Dependence

Potential Topics:
Best practice in treating Opioid Dependence
Combination Therapy for Treatment of Drug Addiction
Methadone Substitution Treatment
Drug Drug Interactions
Evaluating Buprenorphine’s Impact
Schools and Adolescent Issues
Pharmacotherapy for Cocaine Dependence
Marijuana, Psychoses and Dependence: to Treat or not to Treat?

Stream 4: Nicotene, Society and the Accepted Addictions

Potential Topics:
Impact of Addiction and Best practice in Treating Smoking Cessation
Mechanisms underlying Smoking Addiction
Societal Schemes for Addiction Control (eg. WHO)
Interactions across the specialities
The Rising Use of Recreational Drugs and Societal Acceptance – MDMA amphetamine
Disorders of Excessive Motivation – Reward Mechanisms, and how to help sufferers cope

Stream 5: Dual-diagnosis

Potential Topics:
Summary of Common Co-morbidities with Addictive Personalities
ADHD and Substance abuse
Borderline Personality/Personality Disorders and abuseSmoking and Psychoses
Addiction and Affect – how to help with disorders of decreased motivation
Harm Reduction and Addictions Treatment
Alcohol as an Anxiolytic – treating the anxious patient
Pregnancy and Addiction – issues and treatment
Crime and Punishment – Institutional Drug Abuse

Stream 6: Late Breaking News, Case Studies, Culture and History

Please visit
http://www.eaat.org/ for more information or to register for the meeting.

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Nottingham, UK
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