Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rhode Island MAT Patients Celebrate Recovery

National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
Press Release

Contact Person: Joycelyn Woods, President

For Release:
September 17, 2006

Rhode Island MAT Patients Celebrate Recovery

Reported by Jim Gillen

Yesterdays RI's celebration was beyond belief in a good way, from perfect weather to a HUGE crowd. Did I say a HUGE peaceful, joy filled crowd!!!!!

The role that medication assisted patients, staff from clinics, methadone advocates were a big,big part of this celebration. From the band (MAT patients) to the set up and break down crew - first ones in and last ones out.

We painted faces, distributed food, blew up over a hundred balloons, set up tents. I wanted to put the NAMA/MARCAP table next to NA but they came later - wouldn't that just be a hoot!!! Oh well, there is always next year!!!

This event to me is a great blueprint for success - mix it with a big general public event !!! Go figure!

We got our MARCAP first aid kits with phone number and on it. If any one wants a few we could send some off.

Sharon Dembowski of NENAMA-MOM was great yesterday as usual and has photos of the event.

Keep the faith!!!

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