Monday, March 05, 2007

NAMA Announces NAMA NorCal's House Party Rokki's Education Party for HBO's Addition Special

National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
Press Release

Rokki Baker, CMA, NAMA Vice President and NAMA NorCal Director
Joycelyn Woods, President

For Release:
March 5, 2007

All across the country people are coming together to watch and discuss the new HBO series, ADDICTION. Americans will be coming together to discuss what needs o happen in their communities to make alcohol, drug treatment and recovery support available and show the power of long-term recovery. For to long patients in medicated assisted treatment (MAT) have not thought of themselves as being in recovery and it is time to change. Join NAMA NorCal for Rokki's Education to discuss MAT and recovery and ways to introduce it to the MAT community. This is our opportunity to be counted.

What is HBO's ADDICTION Project

The documentary, ADDICTION, examines recent advancements in research and effective new treatments. It demonstrates that treatment and recovery is possible. And it is positive to MAT by emphasizing that addiction is a brain disease.

ADDICTION is a series of four programs that premieres from Thursday, March 15, to Sunday, March 18. In participating cable systems it will be free for the weekend.

NAMA NorCal will host an ADDICTION ACTION House Party.

When: 03/16/07 04:00 PM

Where: NAMA-NorCal
3400 Portola Drive #A2
Santa Cruz, California

RSVP: Guestlist

Contact Organizer: Roxanne Baker

Click here for a complete series broadcast schedule.

Visit Addiction Action.

Visit NAMA website.

Together, we can make a difference.

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