Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finally NAMA Website Goes Back Up


National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
Press Release

Contact Person:
Joycelyn Woods, Executive Director

For Release
August 31, 2008


It has been nearly 6 months since Calyx the service that has hosted the NAMA website went down. Several attempts to get the server up and running again have been attempted and failed. This left NAMA with the problem of having to find a service that could host a site the size and activity of the website but that would not be expensive.  We think we have found it and so the website is slowing going back up.

It will take us several weeks to get the website up and equal to what it was when it went down.  Many pages need updating while others may have broken links, missing pages, lost images and vanished pictures but we will track them down and upload them if you tell us what is missing.

Tell Us When You Find An Error

If you find something missing on a page send us a message with:

the name of the page,

the link and

what is missing,


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