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Congratulations Brenda Davis 2016 Recipient of the Lane/Holden Patient Advocacy Award

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May 31, 2016

NAMA-R extends well-earned congratulations to Brenda Davis this year’s recipient of the Lane/Holden Patient Advocacy Award.

Brenda Davis has been a model patient in the Methadone Maintenance Program at the Mount Sinai /Beth Israel Program for approximately three decades.  For approximately 20 years she has been employed as a patient advocate for the thousands of patients treated in the various clinics.  During this period Ms. Davis has acquired a comprehensive background to accomplish her job duties. She has also assumed duties as treasurer of NAMA Recovery and was instrumental in establishing the MARS Project in the Mount Sinai/ Beth Israel Methadone program.

She is known for her knowledge of the intricate regulations and procedures of the clinics. She has mastered the medical and social aspects of methadone maintenance including: stabilization, side effects, and drug interactions; the major health concerns of patients including pregnancy, pain, infectious diseases; and the personal and social issues including the pervasive stigma which patients encounter in the course of their treatment and lives.

Brenda Davis is articulate and is capable of communicating intelligently with patients, physicians, counselors and administrative personnel in the program. She has attended conferences and participated in policy meetings with various governmental agencies including OASAS. The administration of the Mount Sinai/ Beth Israel Methadone program has also been impressed with the breath of her knowledge and her capacity to help settle problems which arise in the clinics between patients and the staff, issues that arise in the patients’ family, and criminal justice matters. Ms. Davis is a strong willed woman and takes her responsibility to speak for MAT patients as a sense of duty.


·        Only one “consensus” nominee can be submitted to the Conference Awards Committee to receive this honor.   

·        The nominee must have been involved in the field of methadone advocacy for a period of five years.

·        The nominee must have made meaningful and consistent contributions, which have had a significant impact on opioid treatment within a state or region of the United States. 

This Award will be bestowed upon the recipient during the Awards Banquet Ceremony on November 1, 2016 during AATOD’s next National Conference which will convene at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.   

History of the Award

This award was established in 1995 and recognizes extraordinary achievements in patient advocacy.   

Richard Lane was a long-term heroin user who, upon release from prison in 1967, was instrumental in establishing one of the Nation’s first methadone treatment programs. In 1974, he became the Executive Director of Man Alive and later served as Vice President of the American Methadone Treatment Association (now AATOD) and as Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Maryland.  Mr. Lane was a passionate advocate for methadone treatment and, by disclosing his own treatment experiences, provided inspiration to patients and colleagues alike.   

Robert Holden was also a recovering heroin user, who later became the Director of PIDARC, an outpatient methadone treatment program in the District of Columbia.  He was a friend of Richard Lane and succeeded Richard Lane’s term of office as the Vice President of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence. 

    Previous Winners of the Award

1995, Arizona                 Richard Lane                                
2001, St. Louis               Joycelyn Woods                                
2007, San Diego             Anthony Scro                                
2009, New York             Walter Ginter                                
2010, Chicago                 Lisa Mojer Torres                                
2012, Las Vegas              Roxanne Baker   
2013, Philadelphia          Ira Marion
2015, Atlanta                  Claude Hopkins

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