Thursday, January 05, 2006

Report from Arizona 2005 (January 5, 2006)


January 5, 2006

Steven "Rowdy" Hakes (Director)
Southern Arizona NAMA Chapter

Arizona 2005

Here in Arizona. are clinics are in pretty good shape. To my knowledge there are no dose caps "that I know of" and no waiting for treatment or on a list. In fact there are so many clinics between Phoenix and Tucson, they have to compete with each other. So that puts patients in this area the closest to being real health care consumers and having a choice in treatment than patients in other areas.

My clinic is one of the best I've heard of and this is just hearing what other patients say. I've been there since 1992 when I started treatment. Thirteen years at the same place!! And I love these people, I even disliked going to 30 day take homes, because I miss seeing them(1). I know very few patients can say that.

So at least in Arizona there are not the serious problems such as access, dose caps, etc. That does not mean that there are not problems and that advocacy is not needed in this state. There is always the need to educate the public and communities about the benefits of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). And patients need help with issues such as employment, family issues, child welfare or health care.

1. Aw --- I didn't really dislike going to the 30 day take homes, but I really do miss talking with the diretor, nurse and other staff.

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