Monday, October 18, 2010

NAMA Recovery Announces Two More Directors to Join the Board: Lisa Mojer-Torres Esq and Nanette Wollfarth CMA

National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery
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Roxanne Baker, President,
Joycelyn Woods, Executive Director,
Phone/Fax: 212-595-NAMA

It is with great pleasure that NAMA Recovery announces the addition of two additional new board members Lisa Mojer Torres and Nanette Wollfarth. Like our other recent additions to the Board they bring with them years of experience working in advocacy and making treatment and recovery a reality for thousands. Lisa Torres recipient of this years’ Richard Lane/Robert Holden Advocacy Award has served the NAMA Recovery Board twice before with her legal skills. Nanette Wollfarth is the Chapter Coordinator and brings her knowledge of national and international issues.

This brings the current Board of Directors to:

Roxanne Baker, C.M.A., President
Donna Schoen, C.M.A., Vice President
Kerry Wolf, B.S.N., C.M.A , 2nd Vice President
Jo Sotheran, Ph.D., C.M.A., Treasurer and Secretary

J.R. Neuberger, C.M.A. Parliamentarian and Newsletter Editor
Chris Kelly, Advocates for Recovery though Medicine
Ira Marion, M.A.
Lisa Mojer Torres, Esq
Nanette Wollfarth, C.M.A., Chapter Coordinator

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