Friday, October 15, 2010

MARS Project Receives Funding for Another Four Years

National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery
Press Release

Contact Persons
Roxanne Baker, President,
Joycelyn Woods, Executive Director,
Walter Ginter, MARS Project Director,
Phone/Fax: 212-595-NAMA

The MARS Project (Medication Assisted Recovery Services) the only Peer to Peer Recovery Services Center has received a second grant to continue the project. It is a proud moment for NAMA Recovery because over 220 proposals were submitted and only 5 grants awarded. It is confirmation that a small patient run organization can compete with the big guys and win. The proposal was also the only one to receive continuous funding.

The MARS Project is a new way of thinking for providers and patients of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). It is not a part of the program but instead works alongside programs and is managed entirely by patients for patients to have a safe and supportive place to go to. NAMA Recovery has learned that patients want information and to learn about their medication, addiction and regulations. Peers at MARS receive the Core Training that consists of (1) Advanced Addiction that covers psychopharmacology, neuroscience, biochemistry and addiction science, the (2) Education Series deals with many diverse issues from history of methadone to confidentiality and (3) Recovery completes the series since it is a new concept for most patients.

Unlike many recovery centers MARS is not a place to house 12 step meetings. There is only one weekly 12 step meeting and another group on spirituality and recovery. Most of the groups change over time as peers find new interests. Some groups are for socialization and fun like the Book Club and Arts and Crafts while others are discussion groups like Women’s or Men’s Issues and some groups cover practical topics like Taking Care of Your Heath and Relapse Prevention.

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