Friday, December 02, 2005

First Article Anniversary


July 5, 2005

New York

First Article Anniversary

Forty-eight years ago the first article "Heroin Addiction - A Metabolic Disease" was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine by Drs. Dole and Nyswander.

The original paper on methadone has been published and re-published a number of times. But over the years it is often cited but the original paper is easily forgotten after all this time. Here is an opportunity to download it and read it. It has some surprising insight considering it was written in 1967.

Heroin Addiction - A Metabolic Disease. Archives of Internal Medicine, Vol. 120, July, 1967. (pdf format)*

* Note: Attached to this publication are some files from the early project.

Originally Posted: July 5, 2005

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