Friday, December 02, 2005

New Orleans Update (11/8/2005)

November 8, 2005

The patients living in New Orleans and Mississippi are encountering a second traumatizing event. The programs in the area are self pay and typically a month treatment is anything from $200-300. Most patients have lost their jobs and while new jobs to clean up the area will be available patients are discovering that they do not have the money to pay for treatment. Up to 4000 patients could be facing a Feetox in the next month or two and I would suspect that most patients are very close to it now. Many have lost their homes and even family members, now at a most critical time they could receive a 10 to 30 days administrative withdrawal.

If you are facing a Feetox in the next month or two NAMA needs to know about it. Send your personal story to Joycelyn Woods at:

Put in the subject: Feetox in New Orleans.

Mark your message Priority.

Here is what to include:

A paragraph on your situation.
The name of your program.
The state you live in.
The amount of time you have left before you are not able to pay. Give an approximate date.
We do not need your name or any identifying information. Each story will be screened for any identifying data.

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