Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kent Hospital's Mothers on Methadone Conference a Success (December 7, 2005)


December 8, 2005

Sharon Dembinski, PNP, CMA
Kent Hospital/Women & Infants' Hospital
Kent Hospital Mother's On Methadone Program

Kent Hospital's Mothers on Methadone Conference
December 7, 2005

The conference was held last night and it was a huge success! The room was packed with well over 100 attendees. The speakers were eloquent and their presentations led to many excellent questions from the audience.

I received many emails today in response to last night's conference and I wanted to share some of the comments. Many of the speakers and planning committee members have also received many, many positive comments as well!

I want to personally thank each one of the speakers for so graciously agreeing to be involved. Their presence made the conference what it was.

I would also like to thank all those that were able to attend. I hope you were as satified with the presentation and content as I was.

To those would were not able to attend: maybe next year? I would love to be able to make this a yearly event!!

Thank you all for your interest, support and encouragement!

Sharon Dembinski, PNP, CMA
Kent Hospital Mother's On Methadone Program
NENAMA Mother's On Methadone
401 736-4561


"It was an excellent program. On a personal level, it was so heartbreaking to me, I had many tears in my eyes during the conference and a good cry later ..there is hope"

"Good news on your conference. Great job"


"great job, great attendance, a lot of good information"

"Congratulations, sounds like it was a wonderful event"

"I too heard positive feedback this morning. It was a delight to work with the planning committee on this event. Well done all!!!"

"The conference content was very well directed to the target audience and it was well received. The speakers were very eloquent and quite punctual and the food was great.

I am sure this will change the attitudes, and help remove the myths and stigma associated with methadone treatment and addiction in general."

"Very nice job. Again, kudos to all involved"

"I'm so sorry i wasn't able to attend - I was in a car

.........My husband did go, and thought it was really terrific!!!! Congratulations!!!"

"Congratulations on a well run and very informative training last night. Dr. Payte is quite knowledgeable and had a very good presentation. Your staff seems very understanding and caring towards the Mom’s on Methadone and I’m sure your results reflect that. We’d like to have you come down to our program for a presentation and Q&A with our staff. We’d love to have them see what a sensitive and caring unit can look like."


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